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I have had two boys attend Mrs. Jeanne's Hands-On Preschool for the past 3 years.  I love Mrs. Jeanne because of the small amount of students in each class and the amount of attention she gives to each child.  My boys have loved going because they made great friends and have enjoyed all the different hands-on learning activities provided, making crafts, baked goods, and field trips Mrs. Jeanne took them on.  One of my favorite experiences at Hands-On Preschool is the awesome Halloween party she throws for the kids each year, with tons of crafts, stories, songs and dances, and treats to take home.  I also really enjoy how Mrs. Jeanne has a different theme for each month and ties each craft, activity, and learning experience into the theme of the month.  We would not have chosen to keep going back to Hands-On Preschool if we didn't LOVE it....and we DO!                                            ~Becky R.


It's the BEST pre-school! Emily loved it there!               ~Grace E.


 My son attended Hands-On Developmental Preschool 3 years ago and has recently completed kindergarten. Not only does Teacher Jeanne help nurture the kids along socially and mentally, but she plans events that also involve the parents. I was able to get a first hand look at my child participating and interacting with other kids. It was really nice for me to be able to spend that time with him. I like that Teacher Jeanne plans different events and field trips. I also liked the weekly communication log that kept me informed regarding the progress of my son. He made some great friends and loved going to Hands-On Developmental Preschool. Now my 3 year old will be attending and we are so excited for him!                 ~Kelly M.


I can't say enough nice things about Hands-On Preschool. 

Hands-On Preschool was my children's first experience with any kind of school and it was an amazing experience.  They could not wait to go back every day.  

Teacher Jeanne taught math and reading skills.  They were taught how to sound out words.  They even got to grocery shop!  Teacher Jeanne had set up the classroom to look like a grocery store, and the kids were taught how to shop.  It was incredible.   

Not only were they taught academic lessons, they were taught social skills.  Teacher Jeanne taught how to share, how to take turns, and how to use words to communicate their feelings.  

In addition to all of this, my children learned how to glue, paint, draw, color, and use scissors.  They made crafts that are now keepsakes.  

Hands-On Preschool provided a daily progress report that was extremely helpful.  It allowed me to partner with Teacher Jeanne is an amazing and gifted teacher that recognizes each child's needs and strengths.  We are so blessed that our children were able to start school in such a positive and nurturing place.  

I would recommend Hands-On Preschool to everyone.          ~ Lani A.


     Everything about Hands-On Developmental Preschool was perfect for my son.  He thrived in the loving, nurturing environment that Teacher Jeanne creates every day!  The daily routine and social interactions really helped him prepare for Kindergarten.  I appreciated the weekly communications that Teacher Jeanne sent home, and for her observations that helped me to know about his strengths and weaknesses in the classroom.  He is excited to go on to Kindergarten next year; we are excited that my daughter will get to go to Hands-On Developmental Preschool too!     ~Tanya H.


     Zach attended Hands on Preschool in 2004.  He is now 10 years old and going into 5th grade this academic year.  In 3rd grade he was on the honor roll during one school quarter and in 4th grade I am proud to say he was on the honor roll all four quarters and he was awarded one of our principals all star rewards.  He has grown so much physically, mentally, socially, and academically.  He also loves to play sports.  He played soccer for 3 years in a row, then flag football for 2 years, and now he will start playing baseball this fall. 

     I believe that Hands on Preschool had a positive experience in his young life.  It provided the basic building blocks of social skills, behavior in a classroom, and education he needed for kindergarten and was able to carry on this experience as he became older.  He still remembers Teacher Jeanne very fondly and has lots of pleasant memories about his preschool experience.      ~Cathy O.


    We loved Hands On Preschool.  All 3 of our kids did both preschool years here and had great experiences. 

    Jeanne is a great source of information!  My son was a late talker and had speech issues that we didn’t know weren’t normal; Jeanne brought this to our attention and suggested he be evaluated.  He ended up going to GPS Amanaceer program to receive services but continued in the am w/Jeanne.  The next year when the school had decided he no longer needed services Jeanne disagreed (as we did) and was a great resource due to her own experiences and we were able to fight it and keep him enrolled so he continued to receive the services he needed.  He continued to receive these services when he started kindergarten and as he finished 1st grade he ‘graduated’.  We are so thankful we had Jeanne since this was our first child and we just didn’t know so many things!

     My twin girls went to Hands On for 2 years and I have seen them both grow so much.  Both girls were a little shy and didn’t talk to others when they started.  While one came out of her shell quickly it took the other longer but with Jeanne she has really blossomed.   She went from not speaking up to being a leader in the classroom and now speaks up for herself.  Both girls are very excited to start kindergarten thanks to a great preschool experience!        ~Maria C.