Everything you need to know about
Hands-On Developmental Preschool

Hands-On Developmental Preschool provides a quality learning environment where children learn through hands-on experiences that stimulate learning in all developmental areas - intellectual, emotional, physical, and social. 
  • Hands-On Developmental Preschool is a center-based home preschool program for children ages 3 to 5 taught by Jeanne Hulecki who has a B.A. in Child Development.  
  • Class meets from 8:30 am to 11:30 am each weekday.  
  • There is a Tuesday/Thursday program and a Wednesday/Friday program available.
  • The teacher to child ratio is 1:5. 
  • Parent participation is always welcome!
Click HERE for the Mission Statement of Hands-On Developmental Preschool.
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    The Classroom Environment...


    ...Each child is unique and develops at different levels of ability.  Therefore, my program is a center-based program which meets the needs of all children according to their level. 

    ...Children work independently and cooperatively in both small and large groups.

    ...Children are encouraged to make self choices with activities set up by the teacher or spontaneously by themselves.

    ...Learning Centers:  Block, Quiet, Art, House, Outdoor area, Circle Time, Music, Health, Science, Large and Small Group activities, and Cooking.

    The Activities...

    All Activities are taught through hands-on experiences with high emphasis on language skills.

    Overall Skill Development...Colors, shapes, matching, sequencing, self-help skills, social skills, prepositional concepts, language, beginning math and science concepts, fine and large motor skills, art, nutrition, health, safety, and dramatic play,

    Concepts gained from learning centers...

    Block Area - Children have the opportunity to develop motor skills, social skills, concepts with size and directionality, and dramatic play.  Cars, people, animals, road maps.  Legos, Tinker Toys, etc.  are used in this area.

    Quiet Area - Children have the opportunity to develop fine and cognitive skills in this area by using puzzles. stringing activities, file folder and learning games, and Math Their Way experiences.

    Large Muscle - Children have access to bikes, cars, wave climber and slide, balls, outdoor games, etc.  Throughout these activities, children have the opportunity to develop large muscle motor skills.

    Art Area - Children have the opportunity to develop skills in:  cutting, pincher grasp, tactile experiences, eye-hand coordination, creativity, matching, science, and sequencing through a variety of media.

    House Area -  Children have access to a playhouse with a variety of house objects:  refrigerator, sink, dishes, play food, dolls, stove, dress-up clothes, cars, phone, etc.  Children have the opportunity for role-playing and developing social and self-help skills.

    Circle Time - Children develop skills in language, math, music, social, and health.

    Music - Children have the opportunity for various musical experiences through song, instruments, language, rhythms, and patterns.

    Small & Large Group Activities - These activities give children the opportunity to experience a variety of organized activities with: science, art, math, language, cooking, and motor skills.

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    Click HERE for a sample of the Observation Communication Booklet.

    Click HERE for the Policy Statement booklet for Hands-On Developmental Preschool.  The fee schedule can be found here.

    There are two sizes available for Hands-On Developmental Preschool t-shirts (worn on field trips).  They are toddler size and youth.  The t-shirts are $15 each. 

    Make all checks payable to Jeanne Hulecki.