Here are some fun things that you can do at home with your child...

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The May theme at Hands-On Developmental Preschool is UNDER THE SEA & FUN IN THE SUN!

Make a fish out of an empty soda bottle.  HERE are the instructions...

Shoes...for a snack?  Yes, please!  HERE is a photo.

How about Starfish S'MORES!  You heard right.  Click HERE for the recipe!

Make a fishing game for the kids.  You could make a dry set for the family room or a wet set for the bathroom.  HERE is the link...

You could make a ball out of sponges - what a great way to cool off on a hot day.  Martha Stewart shows you how HERE.

OR if you are feeling really ambitious, you can build your own water park right in your own backyard.  HERE is the how-to.  

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The fabulously fun April theme at Hands-On Developmental Preschool is ANIMALS

Look at all of the fun ideas below!

HERE are the directions for making beautiful Ukrainian eggs with Sharpie markers! 

Make hard cooked eggs extra special by dressing them up for Spring!  HERE is a link to the idea.  HERE are the directions for making perfectly hard cooked eggs in the oven.

Maybe flowers are more your thing?  HERE is a great treat idea!

How about a lamb cookie?  HERE is a close-up.

Create an animal silhouette painting.  Find the directions HERE.

Make a stand-up chick!  HERE is the how-to!

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The March classroom theme is "Our World: Insects, Plants, Recycle."

Here are some great activities your whole family will enjoy!

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday!  Pull out your favorite Seuss book and make these fun snacks as a treat!

Click HERE to make the Cat in the Hat's hat...

How about some Green Eggs and Ham HERE is the recipe...

Or maybe THESE are more your speed...

Then there is St. Patrick's Day...Are you feeling lucky?

Make some quick crunchy shamrock pretzels.  HERE are the directions...

Make a leprechaun from a hand print.  Find the details HERE...

Here are some other fun activities to celebrate our world!

Make a Very Hungry Caterpiller.  HERE is how. 

HERE are the easy instructions to make a penguin.

If you have a paper plate and some scissors, you can make these nifty shark jaws.  HERE are the directions...

HERE are the directions for a fun sorting game made from recycled milk carton lids...

Another game from recycled paint chips can be found HERE...

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In February at Hands-On Developmental Preschool our theme is "Community Workers."  We will also be having some Valentine fun and we'll say, "Happy Birthday, Arizona!"

Check out the links below for some fun at-home activities...

Here is a fun valentine idea!  This valentine would brighten up the front of any refrigerator!  The idea came from HERE!

Send your sweetie a hidden message this Valentine's Day!  Click HERE for the simple instructions!

What Valentine's Day feast would be complete without heart-shaped fruit! YUM!  HERE are the

Make some cute votive candle holders to celebrate the holiday.  You can find the how-to by clicking HERE.  

HERE you can find the pattern for a fun pop-up card.  Check it out! The instructions are in some Asian language, but it is still an easy craft to finish.  :)

Have a fun sensory experience with some popcorn and some construction toys.  Click HERE for this and other great sensory bin ideas! 

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"Transportation" is the January theme here at Hands-On Developmental Preschool!  Look below to find some fun things on land, sea, or in the air!


Make this great multilevel play mat for your small cars.  The best part is, when you are done playing, the mat folds away!  HERE are the directions...

Try making a train out of pasta pieces.  Thanks Parents Magazine!

OR, You could make a train out of more vintage materials instead.  Click HERE for some ideas.   

Maybe you would rather eat your cars...

HERE you can make a sweet car and HERE you can make a healthy car. 


Click HERE for lots of different floating crafts...

You could try out some Origami to make a boat too.  HERE are the step-by-step directions.  


Parents Magazine has another great idea!  This time it is an airplane magnet!

Maybe space is right for you.  Click HERE to get the directions for making a  great recycled rocket!

You might want to eat your rocket instead.  HERE is all you need for a stellar lunch!

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Our Hands-On Developmental Preschool theme for December is "Holiday Traditions."  Here are some fun activities that can be a tradition for you!

Save your burnt out incandescent light bulbs form the trash can and make these adorable snowmen ornaments instead!  Click HERE for the how-to...

Here is a HOT recipe for a COLD day!  Make a Snowman Pizza!  Click HERE for the recipe...

Here is an easy snack that is just perfect for little helpers in the kitchen...Santa Hat Pretzels!  Find the directions HERE...

Here are a couple of cute, cozy crafts--Pop-up Snowman and Coffee Filter Snowflakes!  Find the Snowman HERE and the Snowflakes HERE...

And here is a fun gift idea for the grandparents....Footprints!  HERE are the directions...(there are other fun ideas here too)!

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The lesson theme for November at Hands-On Preschool is "Simple Science."  Click on these links for some simple scientific fun you can do at home!  There are recipes and crafts that are great for little hands!

This sassy turkey can be made from some paint strips (free) and an empty roll of tp (free)!  Plus it is super cute!  Click HERE for the instructions...

To make your own dinosaurs before (or after) our big field trip click HERE!

Have some scientific color fun with your little one.  Click HERE to find out how!

Here are two cookies perfect for help from little hands!  They'll be a hit at your Thanksgiving parties!

  For the Pilgrim Hat Cookies click HERE.  For the acorn cookies click HERE.

Finally,  here is a different twist on the traditional "toddler hand turkey."  Click HERE for the how-to...

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The lesson theme for October at Hands-On Preschool is "Colors, Shapes, & Patterns."  Here are some fun, colorful links to create at home!  (Of course there is a little Halloween fun thrown in too!)

Whoooo wants a cupcake?  Make these cute owl cupcakes for your next party.  All you need are chocolate cupcakes, Oreos, and M&M's.  Click HERE for a photo and more Halloween ideas.

This "spider" is actually a plum and some humongous grapes.  Click HERE for the yummy directions.  (To make it a true spider, give it 8 legs.)

Now that the weather is cooling down the kids will want to play outside a lot more.  Click HERE to find out how to make some colorful chalk spray for your driveway!

Click HERE for lots of ways to explore shapes!

For a "shapely" snack time, click HERE for ideas!

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The lesson theme for September at Hands-On Preschool is "All About Me."  Check out these links that you can do !

Make a hand print family tree!

Click HERE for instructions. 

Take a picture of your child on the first day of school and edit in all of their favorite things!

Click HERE for the step-by-step directions.


You could turn some of your family photos into coloring pages!

Click HERE to see how.

Here is the fun we shared last month...

Write a secret message on a banana, by lunchtime the message is revealed!

Click HERE to find out how.

Make some Rainbow Jell-o!

Click HERE to get the recipe.

If you are feeling "crabby"  make a sand crab treat!

Click HERE for directions.